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At Rainbow Youth, we’re pretty passionate about what we do, and what we do is quite a lot!

First and foremost, Rainbow Youth is about creating safe spaces for queer and trans* young people. We do this in a number of ways, with our drop in centre open (nearly!) 7 days a week for young people to stop by, running social support groups throughout the suburbs of Auckland, and maintaining an informative, open online presence for our young people nationally. These safe spaces allow our young people to meet their queer and trans* peers, discover who they are, and ultimately be who they are.

Second, Rainbow Youth support our queer and trans* young people to achieve what we know they’re capable of. Often, this is as simple as having unisex bathroom to use, providing internet access, or even just a friendly ear to listen. Many young people that get involved with Rainbow Youth become volunteers, facilitators or board members, gaining useful life and work skills along the way. Rainbow Youth particularly prides itself on the excellent interpersonal and leadership skills our young people develop through being part of the organisation.

Finally, Rainbow Youth actively works towards creating a better and more educated New Zealand with our Education and Professional Development programs. Our in-school Education program reaches (almost!) 1,000 high school students each year, and the Professional Development program reaches out to businesses, tertiary institutes, health providers and other social support organisations. Rainbow Youth believes Education is the key to reducing discrimination against queer and trans* people in Aotearoa.

The outcome

All the work Rainbow Youth does helps to improve the lives and mental health of queer and trans* young people in New Zealand, now and for future generations in Aotearoa.

How we do it

Much of the work Rainbow Youth does in the community is thanks to the 1,000’s of volunteer hours our members put in. We also have a number of paid staff to make sure things run day to day, and lots of resources available in the form of our drop in centre, websites, resources, etc.

How you can help

The best thing you can do to help Rainbow Youth is become a queer and trans* advocate in your everyday life. Check out the rest of the website for resources, or stop by the drop in centre for a chat!


The title says it all. Volunteering is a way of life at Rainbow Youth, and we’d love you to get involved. Theres always something to do, from the dishes at the drop in centre, to being a shared experience representative for our Education program, or becoming a contributor for curious.org.nz. Check out our Volunteering page for more info, or get in touch today to find out how you can help us!

Donate Products & Services

Got a few excess tea bags? Or maybe you are licenced to provide financial advice. Rainbow Youth needs things to help us operate every day, such as tea, coffee (especially coffee), sugar, milk, hand towels, etc. Alternatively, use your skill set to help make our young peoples lives better! Check out our Donate Products & Services page to see how you can make a difference.

Donate Money

Rainbow Youth relies heavily on donations to achieve the things we want to achieve. Keeping the lights on is a good start, and your money goes towards building our sustainability for the future. Check out our Donate Now page to learn more and donate!


Rainbow Youth wouldn’t be here today without the support of some key organisations who already believe in our Vision and mission. Check out a full list of our Sponsors! ← Thanks guys!

What we mean when we say queer

A reclaimed word that represents sexuality and gender diversity. We use it to encompass lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, fa'afafine, and takataapui identities, as well as everyone in between and not sure. This word is used by many people, but it is also appreciated that it is not the preferred term for everybody.

What we mean when we say trans*

Rainbow Youth uses the word 'trans*' as an umbrella term for gender-diverse people, including for example; whakawahine, tangata ira tane, FtM, MtF, transsexual, fa'afafine, transgender, whakawahine, transmen, transwomen, akava'ine, leiti, genderqueer and gender-neutral people.

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We need your help to keep making a difference in queer and trans* young peoples lives. Learn more about what we do.

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